Web design

DivingDucks creates digital products that catch the eye. Your website, newsletter, advertisement, e-mail marketing,... is made to appeal to the people you target. Not only the design is important, your digital product has to be user-friendly too. Only then will people stay and enter your website or other media. Visitors need information within a few clicks, clear navigation, prominent call to action buttons, visually edited texts, links to social media,... Compatibility with smartphones and tablets is also important, as more and more people are using the internet through these devices.
Before the actual development of your website starts, you receive a draft of the design. This way you know what to expect and changes can be made.
DivingDucks can also cater for the other steps in your project, such as finding the right internet provider and SEO (search engine optimisation).
Websites and newsletters are developed using a CMS (content management system), with the option of taking care of the maintenance (adding/changing text, images, news, events,...) yourself.

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