Who is DivingDucks?

DivingDucks is a one man business with 16 years of experience in working for printing offices (IT, graphic design and web design) and other clients. Prior to this I was an analyst-programmer for 10 years. This means I am both technically minded and creative, a combination that is hard to find in one person.
My clients are very satisfied (one client has been a customer for over 24 years). One reason is that I not only want my designs to appeal to you, but also to your existing and perspective clients or the public. Another reason is that I'm a perfectionist.
Whether you are an individual or a business I perform IT installations and maintenance to a very high standard and I tackle IT problems thoroughly to ensure the continuity of your IT infrastructure functioning.

My services at printing offices include:

  • production (creating layouts, preflighting pdfs, impositioning, CTP)
  • photo adjustments and corrections
  • IT management (hardware and software, network and clients)
  • implementing, testing and using new software, such as impositioning software, graphic software, ERP software and banking software
  • problem solving
  • installation of hardware
  • contacting the suppliers of hardware and software
  • quality control (mainly pre-press)
  • implementing and testing the CTP workflow
  • training colleagues
  • supporting staff and clients
  • programming
  • website development
  • controlling archives and backups

These tasks can be performed remotely or on site.

I am originally from Belgium and because of my passion for the UK, I have been living in this wonderful part of the world for 4 years.
I speak 3 languages fluently (Dutch, English, French) and have some knowledge of German.

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